openHAB as a back controller initially

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage i5 gigabytes NUC
    • OS: what OS is used and which version Debian or other flavor of Linux under ESXI
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version unknown
    • openHAB version: unknown
  • Issue of the topic: I’m looking to see if openhab is something that has the potential to bolster my current system with the ability to take over at a later date. I currently have a Wink Hub 2 that controls my Lights, some of these lights do not have a switch on the wall do to placement and installation after the fact. This of course causes issues when Wink’s API decides to have issues like it’s having today. I have to unplug these lights as to not have them running all night. My initial goal is to create a 2nd controller that will handle these lights when the Wink system takes a dump. I do have a Alexa system also hooked into my current so that i may control them via voice commands. Is this something that openHAB can handle or do?

Hi and welcome to the OH community.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have no experience with Wink Hub but if you could provide more info about the kind of lights your using I’m sure someone can provide an answer. You mention using Alexa, do the lights use zigbee protocol?

I currently have 3 types of lights in my house along with switches.

Sengled - These are Zigbee
Cree BA19-08027OMF-12CE26-1C110 - These are also Zigbee
Commercial Electric smart led downlight - These are also Zigbee

Alexa integrates into Wink through the API so it does not directly control them. I only have a Amazon Echo not the Echo Plus.

For OH to control the lights it will need a way to communicate via zigbee. There is a zigbee binding here is the documentation. You will need to buy a hub or USB stick for the actual comm part. Also, check the list of devices that will work and make sure what you have is on the list.

I have a few Sengled lights that OH controls via zigbee2mqtt but I’ve never tried the zigbee binding. See this link and scroll down to Getting Started for what’s needed and how to. What I like about zigbee2mqtt is you can add most device that uses the zigbee protocol. In the same link it describes how to add devices that are not already listed. If you choose this route I recommend buying your USB and flash hardware from China (alliexpress) as the cost is around $25 for everything.

For Alexa see Released: Openhab2 Amazon Echo Control Binding (controlling alexa from openhab2) for how to use with OH. Its a long topic but try using the search function (Ctrl F), within the topic, to see if there is a way to control your lights via the binding and Alexa routines.

Hope this small bit of info helps and regardless what route you take there will be someone here that can help if you get stuck.:wink:

Thank you, Any device better then the others?

The zigbee and zwave dongles differ in different regions of the world I believe so let folks know where you are and makes it easier to make suggestions. I’m in usa and I have a Linear HUSBZ1 which does both zigbee and zwave. I purchased it on amazon for just over $30

i’m US also, I’ve ordered a USB stick with both ZigBee and zwave I hope this works