OpenHAB as a LED scoreboard core

Hi team!

I’ve got a concept question. My friend is an owner of a small football club.
He wants to have LED scoreboard controlled from the mobile phone or laptop.

I’m pretty sure there should be an easier way to achieve that, but as I know OpenHAB already it will be easier for me to help.

The idea it to get OpenHABian on Pi, connect to local LAN, connect a mobile device to it.
Create a sitemap with HABpanel to display time, team names and current score. Open in full screen in the browser. Get HDMI to LED controller.
Get another sitemap to control the time and score from the mobile device.

So will it work as a concept?

Thanks for the advice!

sure, you could do that. You could create groups of items for hour,minute,score per team and update them using setpoints in a sitemap. But IMHO that would be kind of overkill with all the overhead on equipment you would need. Maybe just using some php script/mysql on a Notebook would be easier& more lightweight?
Something like this stuff here:

Don’t get me wrong: OpenHAB is great for everything…but for this use case it’s like takeing a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

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@Oli Thanks for reply!

I understand that an overkill, but sometimes it’s easier to build a system on something you already know rather than learning a new one.