openHAB as Secondary Controller in Vera Z-Wave Network


i setup an openHAB 2.1 on my Rasberry 3 with RaZberry Z-Wave Modul.
I Already add an (other) openHAB Controller without Z-Wave Controller via MiOS-Binding, however i would like include the new openHAB Controller into the Z-Wave networt.
My gole is to controll the devices directly from my openHAB Controller without exclud and reinclude the Devices from one to another Z-Wave Network.
So my questtion is, how could i connect/include my openHAB ton the Vera Z-Wave Network as an secondary Controller?
I already serch the web, but without any working instructions.

Interesting. I didn’t realize you could transfer zwave devices between controllers without exclusion / inclusion. While trying to understand it I did come across this article which appears to contain the general procedure you need to follow.

Thank you for the link. I already found this information, however it don’t tell me how I can include openHAB as secondary controller.

Sorry, misunderstood what you were asking. Install HABmin, choose your controller under things, then turn on Advanced Options under tools in the upper right, and then you will find in under Zwave Network settings.

Here I can set the controller as no master. However I can’t connect the OpenHAB to my Vera. I searching something like Replicate network, load from primary controller or Joining as a secondary controller.

Probably need @chris to jump in at this point to identify if it’s possible within HABmin or if you’ll have to use your zwave controller’s native software to do so.

I’ll find a solution to my problem. On a new openhabian is the first thing I do to install zway. After a reboot I log in to the zway UI http://myip:8083/expert and add the system as a secondary controller to my z-wave Network. After that deactivate zway and restart the system. openHAB finds most z-wave devices, however I have problems with updating the state of the devices to openHAB. I think I’m doing a new z-wave network with the openHAB and I’m reincluding the devices to the new system.

Hi— I had tried to do the same thing and got a definitive answer: you would need to use Zensys Tools (or some other host software) first to join your Z-Wave controller to your existing network, then you could start using your Z-Wave controller in openHAB as a secondary controller, but you can’t initiate the ‘learn’ process via openHAB at present. See Chris’s answer here: Learn Existing Z-Wave Network (Join as Secondary Controller)