openHAB@BCX19: Developer Hackathon Europe (Berlin): 13th - 15th May 2019

Dear openHAB Community,

I’m happy to announce that in 2019, the openHAB Foundation will be Hack Enabler at Europes largest IoT Hackathon, the Bosch ConnectedExperience (BCX) in Berlin, Germany. 700 developers, UX experts, product managers and designers come together to hack with cars, ebikes, robots, sensors, machines, smart home appliances, construction tools, and much more.

Schedule: Monday, 13th May 6:00pm - Wednesday, 15th May 7pm (after party: open end; detailed schedule here)
Location: Kühlhaus Berlin | Luckenwalder Straße 3 | 10963 Berlin | Germany

We’ll prepare multiple openHAB hack challenges that you can work on in teams of 2 - 8 people. Team building will be on-site together with participants from other communities at Monday evening (13th May). @cweitkamp and me will act as Hack Coaches supporting you on all openHAB-related challenges - but feel free to also bring own IoT/openHAB topics you’d like to work on, you’re not obliged to work on one of the predefined hack challenges.

On Wednesday, at the last day of the event, you’ll also have the possibility to take part at contest, pitching your hack to a bigger audience.

Thanks to Bosch, we’ve got a limited contingent of up to 25 tickets specially for our beloved openHAB Community. To avoid no-shows and to cover some costs by the Foundation for the event preparation, we’ll raise a very low registration fee of 15€ (for comparison: Standard ticket costs 350€). Your ticket will include

  • Hackathon
  • Catering
  • BCX party
  • Winner pitches at BCW
  • BCW party

Registration Process

Please read this very carefully. The registration process will include two steps:

  1. Registration at EventBrite
  2. As soon as you registered at EventBrite, you’ll get a confirmation with a second link and registration code by Bosch. With this registration code, you have to register at Bosch’s website as well. Please don’t forget this. Without completing the registration process at Boschs website, your ticket is not valid! Don’t book your travel unless you fully completed the registration process and got a final confirmation by Bosch. Our contingent is not exclusively reserved. As soon as the overall event is booked out, the Bosch code won’t work anymore. Of course, we’d refund the registration fee in this case.

Start your registration here:

If you’d like to signalize other community members whether you’ll take part, you could use the following poll for that.

  • I’ve got a ticket
  • Sorry, I can’t/won’t take part
  • Not sure yet

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For cheap accommodation, the Grand Hostel Berlin classic is just 7 minutes by foot. In case you’re looking for a Hotel, the Mercure Hotel Berlin Mitte is right next to the location.

Study leave / "Bildungsurlaub"

Some laws or employment contracts allow to take leaves for education. The event is not accredited by law for Bildungsurlaub in Germany, but if your employment contract or collective labour agreement allows such leaves independently from any accreditation, the openHAB Foundation can issue a certificate of attendance.


Feel free to bring any devices you’d like to work with. Also, some devices will be available on-site. Please find the list of available devices attached. The openHAB Foundation will may add some more devices, so stay tuned!

20180216_Gadget Library Catalogue.pdf (967.1 KB)


Very cool. The IDE setup with the new buildsystem should have been worked out until then. We can maybe time an oh 2.5m2 release before that.


Hi all,

Bosch told us that we should register asap, seems to the there are not too much overall tickets left. So don’t wait too long :slight_smile:

Info for all attendees that want to work with openHAB: Tomorrow evening, you’ll build your teams and decide which challenge you’d like to join. openHAB is part of the Bosch Challenge Utility Cross Domain, but in general we’ll also be available if you decide to join another challenge. Looking forward to see you!

See you all today evening :slight_smile: