OpenHAB becomes unresponsive after apt-get update && upgrade of Raspberry Pi

Hello friends,

A few days ago, I’ve done an apt-get update && upgrade for my Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB to the latest OS version.

Since then, my OpenHAB system (2.5.11) becomes unresponsive within a few hours of restarting the Raspberry Pi, and the only way to make it responsive again is by rebooting the device.
When OpenHAB becomes unresponsive my wireless mouse and keyboard also becomes unresponsive, however when I VNC into the system from my Mac computer I am able to use the mouse and keyboard through the VNC.
Has anyone else seen this issue?
Is there a known solution?

A second issue since the OS update & upgrade, is that the screen connected to the Raspberry Pi sometimes turns completely black when I try to use Chromium, showing just the mouse arrow.
This too is solved only by rebooting the system.
Is this issue connected to the first issue?

Hope someone can help :pray:

Hi, it seems that you’re running a very uncommon setup. Can you tell us more on what OS exactly you are doing all of this. What image did you use and why do you have a graphical Ui?

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Hi @BobMiles, thanks for your answer.
I’m using The latest official Raspberry Pi OS.
The device is connected to my TV and will later also serve a media server. Since I’m not only the device for OpenHAB, I installed the OS version with the graphical UI.

What means unresponsive exactly as VNC seems still to work ?
Does ssh work as well ? Can you execute the command top to get some statistics about how busy the CPU is and how much memory is being used ?
As it sounds like you have at access to the system via VNC have a look to the /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log /var/log/openhab2/events.log files: are there recent log entries in ?
Do you have ( many ) rules with timers ?

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Hi @Wolfganf_S, thank you for your help.

By unresponsive I mean the screen is visible, but I can’t use the keyboard or the mouse connected directly to the Raspberry Pi (I can use the keyboard and mouse from VNC, though).
Secondly, my OpenHAB sitemap is available in the OpenHAB app, but If I turn a Zwave switch ON/OFF in the app (or if I try to turn a switch ON/OFF through VNC in Chromium Paper UI/Control), the command isn’t transferred to the actual switch.
Thirdly, rules don’t work when OpenHAB becomes unresponsive.
SSH also works.
Next time this happens I will run the top command and check CPU/Memory load.
I will also check the logs, as you suggested.

For the time being, I tried to uninstall/reinstall Chromium, and so far, the issues with OpenHAB and black screen in Chromium have not repeated.

I’ll post back in the next few days in case the issues return, or if uninstalling/reinstalling Chromium fixed the problems.

It appears uninstalling and reinstalling Chromium solved both issues.
OpenHAB worked properly in the last two days, and I had no “black screen” when using Chromium.
Hopefully, things stay this way :pray::pray:

Looks like installing RetroPie was the initial cause for the Chromium black screen issues.
Today I reinstalled Retropie and immediately after installing it the Chromium black screen issue returned (even though I fixed it before) and, was again fixed only by uninstalling and reinstalling Chromium.
I guess there is something wrong with the RetroPie installer.
I’ll check if the RetroPie forum has a thread about this issue.