OpenHAB broken after update to 2.2 snapshot

I just updated my 2.1 installation to 2.2 (openhabian), and I noticed none of my items are working anymore…

All things are initialized and values are restored from persistence, but when I want to turn on a light or something else, nothing happens. Even no log entry. When I refresh the sitemap, the switch is back to it’s original place (OFF)

I tried to go back to 2.1, but it gives an error message at the end of the install process:

E: There are problems and -y was used without --force-yes
FAILED (apt)

Also did some restarts & reboots and reinstalled 2.2, but with no luck.

I have backups of everything, but maybe I can fix it without reinstalling?

Most probably because of that:

There is a temporary workaround


It’s working again!