openHAB chart – tooltip problems


I have a problem with the tooltip in charts when I’m using multiple items.

For example: I’m using a chart with two items and activated tooltip. The items values have the exact same timestamp in the InfluxDB but the tooltip doesn’t show the values of both items at the same time, only one.

Platform information:
Proxmox CT
OS: Debian 11.8
Java Runtime Environment: openJDK 17.0.7
openHAB version: 4.0.3
InfluxDB version: 2.71

I’m using the Influx persistence layer as standard persistence service. The openHAB and the InfluxDB are running on different systems.

I’m experiencing the same issue.
I think it’S caused by different timestamps, since my values come from different items.
Both send via MQTT every 10s, but not synchronized.

I remember seeing this as a feature request to Apache Echarts, which is the charting library we use in Main UI.
As long as Echarts does not support interpolating values to display all series on the tooltip, I fear we can’t improve this behaviour.