Openhab ChatGPT: HTTP Timeout


I am using chatGPT in my openhab 4.1.1 and I want to try to get some (longer) text results.
In 90% of my calls I always get an empty result - resp. no result into my string variable.

I turned on now my logs to TRACE for ChatGPT and now it writes down:

2024-01-20 19:26:35.074 [DEBUG] [ding.chatgpt.internal.ChatGPTHandler] - Request to OpenAI failed: Total timeout 10000 ms elapsed
java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Total timeout 10000 ms elapsed
at org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpConnection$RequestTimeouts.onExpired( ~[?:?]
at org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpConnection$RequestTimeouts.onExpired( ~[?:?]
at ~[?:?]
at$100( ~[?:?]
at$Timeouts.onTimeoutExpired( ~[?:?]
at$ ~[?:?]
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ ~[?:?]
at [?:?]
at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ ~[?:?]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( [?:?]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ [?:?]
at [?:?]

Could it be necessary to increase the timeout in my http.cfg?
I did not configure any timeout there. At least from the standard documentation it says something about 5000msec. So I have no clue where these 10.000msec come from.

Any Ideas? Thx for your support

I made some more tests.

1.) Changes in http.cfg do not change anything. even if I set timeout to 11000msec, the logfile of chatgpt binding says: timeout 10000 => seems that this timeout comes from somewhere else?

2.) If I just “ask” a short question or give chatgpt a short input, then the reply works. for example “Answer in 2-3 sentences”. So the basic functionallity obviously works, but I did not find out yet where I can overwrite the timeout of 10000msec. any Ideas?

I found a temporary workaround:
1.) i am using curl-chatgpt (from github) on my command line (Linux crontab) and create an output-file every x minutes
2.) in my openhab rule I import the textfile and make a postupdate to a String variable

so finally, I do not need the chatgpt Plugin for larger texts which need more than the (wherever configured…?) timeout of 10000msec