openHAB Client Pi 7" touch // Which GUI?

Hi community,

for controlling openhab I set up a Pi B+ with a 7" touch display:

It was easy to assemble and looks nice in my environment. It’s also a good thing wrt the WAF factor :wink:

Currently I’m using the epiphany browser with the classic ui. My experience is, that it’s really slow and unhandy.
As my sitemap is longer than the screen, everytime when scrolling down the screen it jumps to the top again (I know this is a “known bug”).

Has anybody suggestions for another GUI that works more seamless? Or similar experiences and work arounds?
Tested other browsers?



Hi Michael,

I will use one panel with about same dimensions. But my resolution will be higher.

Anyway I think the issue that you mention (scrolling) will come up with any type of UI at some point.
Except if you go and atch the langth of the area and split it into multiple tabs if it reaches the border of scrolling.

Actually my system is not yet productive and I’m going to run with an own LCARS based UI. I’m pretty sure I will run into the same question in the end.


Hi Michael,
Here is what I am looking into.

I have been using dashing for other dashboards and came across that one. He shows how to turn dashing widgets into buttons and make calls to openhab. I have it setup and it looks great on my phone and tablets.

He doesn’t have much as far as the how to configure openhab, but I reversed engineered alot of that and can share my items files and what not if you need.

Thanks Jason. That looks quite promising. I think I’ll test that. My fist thought was: would it be really faster on a raspi than the “Classic UI” in a browser?

Well, maybe not faster but would be comparable i would imagine as you put a rule on openhab that pushes status updates as soon as they happen to the dashing dashboard. The main reason I like it is the aesthetic value. AKA the WAF lol

I personally like this better than the UI from openhab. I can also customize it with css so if i get tired of it, i can change it out or go holiday themed and what not. Just my thoughts on it. Hit me up once you start testing. I’d be happy to help out where i can.

I also have the RPi with the 7" touch screen, this looks quite promising, thanks :smile: