Openhab-cloud authentication different for LAN and WAN?

Hi all,

I am running my own openhab-cloud. I noticed different behavior when accessing the web server via http://INTERNALIP:3000 (shows GUI correctly) vs. http://EXTERNALDNSNAME:3000 (shows basic authentication screen to enter username and password before showing the GUI). Any idea to disable the latter behavior?

The only thing that drew my attention was auth.js and entries like “LocalStrategy” and “BasicStrategy”. Do I need to make changes here?

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maybe you know why it behaves differently? :wink:

I need to check and it depends on your setup.
Did you follow the howto guide? How did you setup your DNS or URL? Might need more details.


I’ll write you a private message with real IP info. So far I went a step further but don’t understand the issue at all.

works like a charm

works like a charm, too!

although pointing to external IP doesn’t work as expected and shows the login screen in the browser

I will check your URLs…

Did you configure Nginx accordingly?

nginx was the next thing to try. right now it’s just using nodejs. but I would really like to understand where the basic authentication is configured and how to change it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve put nginx now in front of nodejs, same behavior :-/

solution: don’t use a dns name that starts with subdomain named HOME, like
this will force basic authentication