OpenHAB cloud connection, change google metadata


Something wrong with the cloud? About half an hour ago all lights disappeared from the Google Home App. Or to be more exact … all my Google linked items of type “switch” remain but all lightsbulbs (as in smart Zigbee lightbulbs of all types like color, white or just light temperarture) where removed. Within the GUI of openHAB no problems.

Anyone else experiences this?


Checked the Google metadata on the lightbulbs. Still present. Also did the usual save on the cloud connector, no change. Would be weird since you would expect all items to fail but to be sure … Think I’ll try a update on all packages and a reboot and then I’m out of ideas.

Some updates on raspian packages, but updating and rebooting didn’t do anything. Now some of my switches have status “offline” so I think they will disappear soon too…

Update: No, the switches was the usual issue…After a reboot the have state null and Google shows this as offline. Turning them on/off will make Google shows them online.

I think someone made a mistake. I found this on the google cloud connector page …

Latest Changes
State of this document

This documentation refers to release v3.5.1 of openHAB Google Assistant
published on 2022-11-09

ga=“light” for SpecialColorLight is replaced by ga=“specialcolorlight”
useKelvin=true is replaced by colorUnit=“kelvin”
Support for color temperature in Mired added

It’s for the new 3.5.1 release (I’m on the ‘production’ 3.3 release) but it seems implemented. If I change the google metadata to specialcolorlight it reappears in the google home app.

I’m assuming this is not the intention? Or is this live now and should I change this on all my lightbulbs?

Ah, now I know what to look for… I’m not the only one confused.

Maybe I have to change all Google metadata…

Yeah, unfortunately you’ll have to update your items.

Per that thread, we don’t have a way to let people know when things change with Google Assistant. The metadata is handled by myopenhab, so a user’s integrations will continue to work until they synchronize their devices in GA.

This also happened when the old tag method was retired. Even though it had been deprecated long before the retirement, many users still had tags that continued to work long after tags were removed.

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Thanx, now I’m sure. It isn’t that much work, most important is to know when you have to do it :wink: Changed the metadata (including the kelvin setting). Now all lights work again. One was “refusing”, but removing the google metadata, saving and adding it again did the trick.

I’d like if people could optionally subscribe to notifications for some very specific things (OH updates, security issues, myopenhab status, Alexa/GA changes), but I haven’t convinced others that it would be valuable. The problem with relying on the forum is that people who don’t visit regularly don’t see announcements. I would rather that more people checked in frequently to see if there are major updates, but that’s not realistic.