OpenHab Cloud Connector

Hello Everybody,

I am working since 3 weeks with openHab and till now everything works fine using Shelly and Homematic devices.

I also wanted to reach my openHab Server from “outside” my home network.

For this i figured out four different possibilities:

  • using DynDNS with simple port forwarding
  • using DynDNS with reverse Proxy (make sense, if more than one Web Server is running in my home network)
  • installing a VPN Connection to my home network
  • using the cloud service myopenhab provided by openHab

Finally I decided to use the cloud service, cause some ligths and thermostates should also be controlled by amazon alexa.

Installation was quite easy and the items can be controlled by alexa.

But now my question is, how is the basic principle (architecture) of this cloud service? Is the connection to the cloud service permanently established from my local openHab service? Has someone experiences with security issues?

Sorry for the that easy questions but I am not that expert in cloud computing and I want to understand the principle behind that?

Best Regards