OpenHAB Cloud custom install - services IFTTT, Alexa

Hi there,
I have a OpenHAB-cloud instance running on an AWS EC2 machine according to the description. Connection to my OpenHAB server is up and running. Now I would like to connect services like IFTTT and Alexa to this instance, preferable without the need to connect to

Is there a way to achieve this, since for both as I tried they only offer authorization through the above mentioned?



I want this too, as much as I appreciate myopenhab it hasn’t really worked that well over the past week and would prefer to be in control of all aspects of the system.

@krejcarek @ryandetzel,

I am not sure if this i a great idea unless you keep in mind, that you need an own channel and you need to gurantee that you oh cloud server is up and running and always available. IFTTT will need to poll your instance.
Dont under estimate the effort to do those things.
Small note: If you run a free tier e.g. on AWS, this traffic might change things.I am not exactly sure about connections from IFTTT to an instance, but you need to offer an API for them.

I would really propose to use We made major changes like update to latest node, optimizations and runs really stable since this changes.
Also please dont be too hard with us, since we had a big re setup and need some stabilization time.

Give it a new try and hope you will be happy :blush:

Br Mehmet

Hi Mehmet,

I really like to be independent of additional cloud services and prefer to have as much as possible available offline in my LAN. OK, when it comes to voice commands (like Alexa and hopefully soon Google) we will need the internet. But then again, I’d like such services to connect to my local instance of openhab-cloud.

Any chance to make this possible?

PS: I assume the soon to be released Google Home Action will depent on, too. Right?


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