Openhab cloud date time

Although not reall an issue as such it just seems totally wrong, that when I look at datetime on the it has that things that just happened as happening tomorrow, I suspect that its because my timezone in NZ is in the future compared to the server, if thats the case then the relativity should be with reference from the observer not the server holding the event information.

Here is a snaphot off openhab for you to see what I mean.

What is the observed time difference. Delta to UTC or something different?
I don’t see a difference (checking from Germany). The reported time on myopenhab is my local time.

Thank you for responding.
As you can see the Day of the event is termed as ‘Tommorow’ I think I was looking it around 808:00 and it was saying its 9 AM Tomorrow.
Can you think of a use case if the date time is suppressed to be local why it would tell me an event that just happened, happened tomorrow?

I have since stopped using the myopenhab cloud as it has too many issues that are not being addressed, so I am not easily able to retest it again. however if efforts were to be made to address the platform I would certainly add it back in and test changes.