Openhab cloud down?

did a quick search. and couldn’t find much information.

Is there planned maintenance right now with the cloud service?
My cloud is down after a restart of openhab and a reboot of the rPI.

Just checking with others.

Did you also check the latest threads?^^

I had also issue with the cloud this morning. For some hours I got “gateway timeout 504” on mypenhab. Now working again, without any fix on my system.

Mines still down. Google can’t connect. Ifttt can’t connect and notifications not working. Just happened out of the blue. Not an issue on my end

yes. i did. but that doesn’t help me. There is not a definitive answer that it is down.

if i check my events log in it shows the cloud service going online every minute.
also up the top it says online.
But its definitely not online.

And a second thread will bring this answer faster?

There are more people waiting and facing the same issues and we all have to wait for an answer.

well not since last time i checked when i posted this question. Looks like you posted in there that there is an issue, can i just get a “yes there is an issue and we know about it”, or a “no there isn’t a known issue”. Is that too much to ask

fuck me. ill just close the question then shall i

I really don’t know why you are angry at me now.
You said you have searched for the topic and i simply pointed you to a thread that is already addressing your topic.

In my view it would be nice for some oh-cloud responsible person to have all relevant problem information at one point.

No need to be rude in anyway here…

Heres a better answer for you
“yes, there seems to be an issue with the cloud. See this thread xxx, unsure of a fix right now”

My first answer was not meant to be arrogant or anything similar.
Sorry, if you read it that way.