Openhab Cloud for 2 locations on the same app

Hi Openhabians,

I have an Openhab in my home country house and I have another one in the country where I work.

Right now I have to use 2 different mobiles to check my home country and the other one to deal with my current location.

My question is : Is there a way to use ONE OPENHAB APP, ONE LOGIN to cover the 2 locations ??

Thank you

There is an open Issue about this for the Android app.

One way to do this that is not very elegant is to set up a dedicated VPN connection between the two and use MQTT (some discussion here) to proxy from the remote and then you can see all in the app.

I vaguely recall someone using the standard app plus a beta version or some other release and that they were able to work independently. Can’t find that post now though.

That might have been me. Yes, you can definitely run both the stable and beta versions on Android and point them at different servers/accounts. I’m not sure if this works on iOS, though.