OpenHab Cloud instance not accessible via domain name

Hi All,
I have setup the OpenHab cloud by following the post below:

Everything is working good just that I am not able to use the OH Cloud instance via domain name.
I can access it over IP address from outside.
However, I am able to access the test site over HTTPS on port 80 using the domain name.

I am using Ubuntu and opened port 3000 as required in firewall.
I have checked the listening ports and can see that port 3000 is opened and listening via TCPv6 instead on TCPv4.

Can someone please help me out in resolving the issue?

Thankyou for your help in Advance.

I uploaded the configuration that I have in use here.

as far as I understand the could software you need to use names as you need to switch between the landing page and a subdomain called home.your.domain

https on port 80 ? Normally port 80 is redirected to another port like 443 where https is running on.

where did you open it ? Don’t open it on your routers firewall.

My Apologies, for HTTPS Port 80.
It’s Port 443 for HTTPS.

I opened port 3000 on firewall.
Let me try to remove port 3000 from firewall.

Ok, I got the issue.
I forgot to copy the Server block in nginx config file. Copied server block and removed 3000 from my firewall and it is working as expected now.

Thank you for your guidance.

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I have written a post on how to quickly setup the OH Cloud here that resolves all the above issues: