openHAB Cloud instance with Plesk

I am trying to run an instance of openhab Cloud on my server which is administered with Plesk.
It wasn’t working yet, but I already had the site up and running. Since there was an error, I wanted to set up the page again and since then I always get the following error:
[ D 2023-06-06 18:20:59.8321 4155856/T1 age/Spa/SpawnEnvSetupperMain.cpp:747 ]: shellName = 'bash' detected as supporting '-l': true

Detailed diagnostics shows this:

Is this a problem with Plesk, Passenger or with openhab Cloud?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards

I have absolutely no idea what I did different this time, but I did it all over again and now I’m back to “running but not working yet”. :slight_smile:

Already thought that this may be your thread.

Not knowing where the problem might be, I tried several different forums, I think that should be okay, don’t you? :sweat_smile: