openHAB cloud Maintenance tonight at 6 PM PDT

I am planning to push a small update to the cloud service at 6pm PDT (-7 UTC) tonight, and I’m expecting a 10 min or so disruption of the service.

Seems to have lasted over a half hour. But thank you for this notice.

To be honest, I very much wish there was an official status rss feed, that would give links to this forum for any notices about possible service disruptions. I regularly follow other rss feeds, and this would be very useful to keep up to date on what may be happening.

The only other alternative is to check this forum whenever there is a disruption.

Edit: Also seems to still be disrupted, as of now: 6:50 PDT.

The systems are coming back up now, it may be a few more minutes for machines to connect to the cluster. thanks for you patience.