OpenHab Cloud OFFLINE every few minutes, on more locations


Anyone noticed myopenhab is intermitent, on 3 locations diferent ISP, same drop patern, so i guess public service is dropping OH hosts, eventho public server is online.

Two hosts have OH 4.1.0 one has 2.5.12 so, and 4.1s usually connect to OH Cloud really reliably.

I will not complain, i have VPN.
I just restarted my OH hosts, and will report in few days if the issue persists.

I am sharing uptime kuma charts of 2 mine locations. if they uncover any insights to help fix the issue if its cloud server related.

It may be broadband related issue, but our t2 isp and google work 98% of day. OH cloud relayed hosts are 70% today.

Cheers Matej

Restarting OH hosts does not help.

The uptime of myopenhab relayed sitempas today is quite bad, 50%.

Is there a known issue, i havent seen that sporadic disconnecting every few minutes in a few years of myopenhab.

I respect the time of maintainers, i would be just happy to recive feedback.

Wish a great day

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I haven’t had any disconnects from myopenhab recently, and is reporting 100% uptime over the past week.

I’m in Canada and I believe the myopenhab servers are in the US. (corrected below by @hmerk)

No, they are in Germany, Frankfurt, hosted by Akamai Linode.

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Great news, looks like OH hosts are online since 9 AM (gtm+1 summer time). So last 1h 30min no issues, and notifications are now available again.

The offline issue lasted 2 days.

It may be early to say, but right now reliability is great.

I will post on any changes.

Thanks for support