openHAB Cloud overloaded?

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As you can see in this Topic it looks like the openHAB Cloud needs more power.

Who is administrating the cloud service? @Kai ?
Can you verify it is just an issue that can be solved by buying more CPU power?
I think there would be some people willing to spend some money if that is the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t answer the specific questions except to say that by becoming a sustaining member of the openHAB Foundation you will be contributing money to address this problem. The contributions are used in part to pay for the servers that run this forum,, and the docs site.

If you are in Germany contributions are a charitable donation.

And you get one of those little smiley faces next to your avatar on the forum. :slight_smile:

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I cant find a url now, but i remember that there was a quote from kai that i have seen last days which states that “throwing hardware” on the cloud doesn’t solve the problem.
There are some changes needed in the design of the cloudapp ?!

maybe someone remembers that quote too and is able to provide a valid url.
I will search again now.


we are on it to power up the machines.
Stay tuned…we will give news asap we ve the testing done.

Thx & BR