Openhab-Cloud: Unable to connect my openhab dashboard from

(Skinah) #21

I see it displays 1480 BYTES as working but in other area it states 1472 (1500) bytes… Maybe try setting your MTU to 1480 or a lower valve just for testing in your router and see if it solves your issue. If not just put it back to 1500.

(Dhanasekar Jaganathan) #22

Hi Skinah,

I have added following mtu size in /etc/network/interfaces, still I am observing same error
mtu 1472 – Getting same error
mtu 1500 – Getting same error.


Correct me, If I have added mtu size in wrong place.

(Dhanasekar Jaganathan) #23

After setting mtu value = 1472 in /etc/network/interfaces, It is not reflecting in network settings.


(Dhanasekar Jaganathan) #24

Hi Skinah,

After setting MTU to 1472, Still I am not able to access the dashboard and getting the same error,

(Dhanasekar Jaganathan) #25

I have observed that after setting mtu size to 1472 and then pinging ping -s 1472 -M do is throwing error.

Later I tried to decrease the mtu size and found mtu size 1443 is not throwing error. So I set that value to mtu size like this sudo ip link set enp1s0 mtu 1443.
After setting mtu size ,I tried to access OH’s dashboard but I am getting the same error ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED. Still I am unable access the dashboard.
When I ping with new set value ping -s 1443 -M do
, I am getting error.

It seems assigning what ever working value for mtu size, it is also not working after setting that value.

(Dhanasekar Jaganathan) #26

Hi Community & Skinah,

I have been waiting for guidance to fix this issue.
I have tried different network and different browser, still error is coming.
There may be no issues with firewall.

Please provide valuable inputs.

(Willem Spoelstra) #27

Sorry for the late response, did not see it.

Here is my config:

I have fixed my issue with complete shutdown of the system. power off an power on.