OpenHAB CoAP adding support for generic devices

I would like to add a sensor which uses CoAP to my OpenHAB, what would be the best way to achieve this?

Some background we developed a arduino like sensor board running on Riot-OS its called Jimini. It is basically a core board which enables to attache shields with multiple funktionalities. Take a closer look at the link above.

As there is allready some support for CoAP featuring devices from Ikea i would gues there is allready some deep insight in how to implement such a feature.

As the core board always features battery status and a RGB LED this would be always present. But for the adaptable shield the features would vary.
As startingpoint we developed an plant sensor for soil moisture, humidity and air temperature
and want to display this values in OpenHAB.

How would i have to proceed with the integration.

  1. Autodiscovery ?
  2. Binding ?
  3. Auto item Generating ? Dependend from stated functionality of the device.

This would be some questions i have to further investigate and would appriciate some hints and tips on how to proceed.

Thank you in advance.

My suggestion would be to look at the TRÅDFRI binding and see how they did it. It is the only binding that has matured to the point of becoming deployed that uses CoAP to my knowledge.

Nothing will be as illustrative as the actual code.

As for OH binding development, see:

As for your number 3., Items are not automatically generated (well, in simple mode they are but that is done by the core, not individual bindings). A binding is responsible for auto-generating Things through Autodiscovery. Things have Channels and Channels get linked to Items. The creation of the Items is up to the user and it’s a key component in the user’s modeling of their own home automation. It is not the job of a binding to do this for the user.

Take a look at this post, I think that’s a good start …