OpenHab compatible outdoor wlan plug


i have installed a small solar panel on my balcony and i want to measure the electricity which the panel produces via a wlan plug (steckdose) which is compatible with oh. Any recommendations?

I tried to google but didn’t find the combination out of plug + wlan + oh compatible + outdoor proof

Thanks in advance

Hi Hannes (@hheckner),

I use one of these:

It is Zigbee and has IP 44. Don‘t know if it is good enough for your use case.

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For WiFi - look for tuya devices - they are out there, possibly even from your local hardware store.

Here’s an example in Australia

More than likely there’s an equivalent in your country.

Bonus points if it can be flashed with Tasmota / ESPHome. Flashing may require disassembling and possibly soldering (not always necessary). You can also lookup

Then you’d use mqtt to connect them to openhab.

Alternatively you can use tuya wifi devices with their original firmware + tuya-mqtt or try smarthome/j’s tuya binding to connect them to openhab.

Thanks for your idea, but I have no zigbee hub.

What technology do you use?

Have a great one!

Hi @hheckner
I would go for a “Shelly Plug” or “Shelly Plug S” - and put the connection(s) into a waterproof box. I did this - and for me this is working fine.
Shelly can be used with openHAB and with own Shelly App - what every you want. And it is using WLAN.

Alternatively you can use a Shelly 1PM - and put into a box (“Verteilerdose”) as well.

TP-Link has outdoor WiFi plugs in their Kasa and Tapo lines. There are bindings for both in openHAB. However, I don’t know if they have any that measure electricity.

How are you going to set it up to measure the electricity produced by a solar panel? I don’t understand how that would work, but I’ve never set up anything like this.

Hi @rpwong
thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any products suiteable for outdoor usage on or or on

it seems they only provide outdoor wlan router

Perhaps I made a mistake somehow?

Thanks anyways

Hi @April_Wexler ,
that sounds like a neat idea. Which box would you recommend?

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Well, it depends…
For usage with Shelly Plug and extension cable I am using:
It is really large - but I have more than one Shelly Plug inside.

For Shelly 1PM I am using this one:

Hope that helps.

They definitely make outdoor plugs, so they either don’t sell them in your area or don’t have ones with energy monitoring.

I am using the analog input a Shelly Uni to measure the voltage of a small 9 Volt panel, but I have the Uni mounted inside a box in my garage. It is a circuit breaker box with a DIN rail, DC power supply, and DIN terminal block. You can get outdoor rated circuit breaker boxes to mount outside.

I use the measurement from this small panel to estimate what my larger power array would produce if it were fully loaded.