Openhab compatible Smart switch with real time power meter up to 16A (instead of 10A)?

I’ve built a simple application with OpenHAB thst controls 3 FRITZ!Box DEC 200 switches: they are switched off if too much power is being drawn by simultaenous usage of dishwasher , washing machine and tumble drier. Everything is ok, except that these switches are rated for 10A (230V): I would need to add another switch rated for 16A. There are some switches around, over wifi, such as the broadlink sp3 or the tplink hs110, but the power cannot be read from openhab (for the tplink there’s a script that switches it on or off and query its state, but i’ve not found in the state the instantaneous power ).
Do you happen to know some switch that I can use (with european plug)?
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but in addition to that you need a zwave controller …

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Thank @silhui. These plugs look nice, even though they are rated for 2500W max.
I’ve seen that the Dlink DSP-W215 can be accessed from openhab
And, according to the specs, it is rated 16A 230V.
Is anyone here using this switch with such an high load ?

(chuckle) I have one of these, even made a review for it on Youtube. However it’s the USA version, and have never tried to crank through that much current. The unit has a relay inside, so I’m imagining it’s limited by the relay’s contacts more than anything else.

One question… why can’t you simply add another smart switch and split the load between all of them? Seems like a better idea than going for one oversized switch.

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Hi @TheKorn, I really liked your review!
The reason why I need a high power plug is that I have a microwave oven and a dishwasher connected to the same plug. They almost never work at the same time, but when it occasionally happens the fritz!plug disconnects itself for self-protection.
Using two plugs would be a waste in my case.

By the way, are you using the last version of the firmware on-board (v2.22b05)? Does it still work with the script mentioned in the first post (which was been tested with v2.20?
Does the plug updates its firmware automatically, or is the app that downloads and updates it?

Thank you again for your kind answer,

Ah, thanks! I was just kind of goofing around and threw it together.

Well, you say that but clearly it’s happening often enough that you’re willing to throw money at the problem. While I can sort of empathize with you about it feeling like a waste, if it’s doing it often enough that it’s bothering you enough to change it, would it really be a waste? :smiley:

Honestly I have no idea! I was sent the DSP-W215 as a review unit, and since we’re mostly (98%) a z-wave house I kind of chucked it in a drawer after I was done reviewing it. (Not on youtube, that was just me goofing around.) It’s been on my list of things to do to pull it back out of the drawer and hook it up to openhab, just haven’t gotten around to it! (I really really hate dlink’s app on android, which is why I just threw it in the drawer. Plus I got a lot of z-wave outlets cheap last summer.)

The app is what downloads the firmware. Without confirmation, I might add, so make sure you’re happy downloading software over that connection before you fire it up!

(Now I have a project to do for the weekend. :smiley: )

@TheKorn, your review dates back to July 14, therefore the firmware revision should be the right one. You could test openhab integration with that firmware version first and then check if it still work after firmware upgrade.

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