Openhab config and installation restored on boot

I’m running Openhab2 on Raspbian Jessie.
I have been fiddling around, making rules, items, installing bindings, etc.
About a month ago, I noticed that any changes to configuration files were automatically restored.
I though the easiest way would be to uninstall openhab, which i did according to this guide:
Then the openhab website stops working, which it should, and /etc/openhab2 is removed.
However, when the raspberry pi is restarted, /etc/openhab2 is there again, and the configuration that i’ve now had for a month is still active…

Does anyone have a clue of what might be happening? I have now tried uninstalling twice, however, for some reason, it keeps going back to the previous state…
Thanks in advance.

That is one symptom of a failing SD card. Your file changes appear to be persisted but upon a reboot or some other activity, the changes get reverted.

I would start with a fresh new SD card. Otherwise, eventually, your SD card will go completely bad and cease to function at all, losing everything.


Will replace the sd card and see how it work out. :slight_smile: