Openhab console: window size and grep

If you’re going to grep for a specific binding, the size of your terminal window seems to matter?
Searching with a full size window:

Searching with a small size window:

I should expect, the size of the terminal window doesn’t affect the grepping? Is this a bug or a feature? :wink:

Weird, I wondered if it was a puTTY thing, but it’s the same on a Mac using iTerm.

Sorry, could use Amazon!

Looks like a bug to me, though the bug will be in the Karaf project and not something that we control here.

However, were I to guess I would say that there is a limitation in the way the console truncates lines that are too long. I suspect that it simply doesn’t output anything beyond the edge of the terminal. Because there is nothing written, there is nothing there for grep to work on.

yeah, guess Karaf works that way, and it at first determines how much fits into the window and truncates the output accordingly… and greps in that truncated output instead of the whole list…

but ok - as I understand, Karaf isn’t under our community control… I’ll rest my case here! :wink: