OpenHab Controller 2.0 - Removed from Chrome Webstore :(

I just saw with great sadness that the “OpenHab Controller 2.0” Chrome Extension was removed (today?) from the Chrome Webstore because apparently it was breaking the Web Store Guidelines.

Any plans to bring it back? It was really useful for me to have such a shortcut in Chrome.

I doubt this extension is overly popular. But it is my most used UI for openhab. Almost everything I do is within chrome so its way easier opening the basic ui within the browser than grabbing my phone!

Seems to still work for the time being if manually turned back on. But I did see a warning about it being incompatible in some amount of time.

Hope someone can update and get it back up on the store. If not homeass has a comparable ext, but I don’t want to jump!

I didn’t even know it existed. What exactly did it do? I just have a shortcut to my sitemap on my bookmarks bar.

I also used it a lot. Hope it will come back soon…
The Firefox version still works…

It adds a button in Chrome that opens your sitemap in a popup style window on top.
So no new tab gets opened and it is easily accessible from Chrome without switching to any other page.
Very simple but very comfortable.