OpenHab Controller 2.0 - Removed from Chrome Webstore :(

I just saw with great sadness that the “OpenHab Controller 2.0” Chrome Extension was removed (today?) from the Chrome Webstore because apparently it was breaking the Web Store Guidelines.

Any plans to bring it back? It was really useful for me to have such a shortcut in Chrome.

I doubt this extension is overly popular. But it is my most used UI for openhab. Almost everything I do is within chrome so its way easier opening the basic ui within the browser than grabbing my phone!

Seems to still work for the time being if manually turned back on. But I did see a warning about it being incompatible in some amount of time.

Hope someone can update and get it back up on the store. If not homeass has a comparable ext, but I don’t want to jump!

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I didn’t even know it existed. What exactly did it do? I just have a shortcut to my sitemap on my bookmarks bar.

I also used it a lot. Hope it will come back soon…
The Firefox version still works…

It adds a button in Chrome that opens your sitemap in a popup style window on top.
So no new tab gets opened and it is easily accessible from Chrome without switching to any other page.
Very simple but very comfortable.

Hi @snax912,
I have been away from the community for some years now when today, for some reason, I’ve just decided to look at how things are going and saw your post from “just” 1 month ago. It’s nice to know that it has been useful to you. :smiley:
Tomorrow I’ll try to find out what was the problem with the Chrome Webstore Guidelines and then fix it.
For a while, you can just download the files from GitHub and add them manually to Chrome. To be honest I don’t remember now how to do it but it’s not that hard. I can put a link to a how-to guide but again I’ll have to leave it for tomorrow.


Maybe there is an other workaround that works for you.

You can create a “special” shortcut directly out of chrome.

  1. go to your openhab website (works also with
  2. in the right top corner of chrome use the 3 dots menu.
  3. Option “More Tools”
  4. Create Shortcut → Give it a Name
  5. you get a shortcut to somekind of a “chrome-app” on the desktop, which also can be placed in the taskbar.

Works fine enough for me.

Guys, now it’s finally on. The Chrome Store is much more strict now and I had to make some changes to the manifesto and add some information for them to approve it.
The extension is now available.
Please use GitHub to report bugs and suggest features:


Looks great. How does the login to work? I tried leaving the local URL empty to test it, and I just got a blank window.

Hey thank you!
Works like a charm again :slightly_smiling_face:

Just FYI
The max popup size for Chrome Extensions is 800px width and 600px height.
So the suggested popup height in the options of the extension “Pop-up window size. (e.g. 450 by 900)” will result in scrollbars inside the popup as it can only be 600px high.

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I played around with it a bit and found that I can only go to 580px height before the vertical scrollbar is added. I assume that’s due to margins, and maybe also relates to the OS (I’m using Windows 10).

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Well, before the latest changes it used to work using your chrome cookies. You were supposed to log in manually at myopenhab any tab and then after closing the popup would also be logged in.
Now I had to remove all permissions on the manifesto and some functionality had to be removed too. To be honest the “Remote URL” field is doing nothing for now, and it would be better to be left off of this release. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, now that I’m getting back to it and going thru the new APIs documentation I believe I’ll be able to implement it in a better way. Before you had to manually switch from the “Local” and “Remote” modes by right-clicking the extension icon. I’ll try to detect it automatically.

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Thanks for noticing @Terra and @rpwong !

I believe it also depends on the sitemap itself. The amount and size of items and texts might also be influencing. I’ll do some tests and maybe come up with a better “suggested value”.

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