Openhab-core packaging solution with addons

Dear @maggu2810,

We were testing ESH using your packaging solution.

We would like to test Openhab-core as a smarthome solution.

Please provide any packaging solution available to build and test Core with addons ?


Can we use ?

Please give me some details what you have tried already, what is working, what is not working, …

With ESH, we were testing xbee devices like Light, Fan. We are planning to switch to Zigbee devices.

Right now we are limited to only few devices but would like to test the devices which are available in the market once we migrate to Zigbee.


Sorry, perhaps I was not clear enough.

I would like to understand what you have tried to move from the ESH packaging to an openHAB Core one.
What does not work?
How do you proceed the migration?

If you already used a Karaf based distribution (for years IIRC) I assume you know how to change feature repositories and features already.

We haven’t tried to move ESH to openHAB Core, since we were not sure regarding how to go about it.

We thought we may need new packaging system to install openHAB Core.

We will try to follow your suggestion and let you know regarding Karaf based distribution.