OpenHAB CULfw for Somfy RTS Rollershutters

Hi, i´m new to OH2 and used FHEM till now.

I use a Raspberry Pi with a CUL-USB-Stick. How can I use this stick to work with the Somfy-Binding?

Hi Peter,

the Somfy binding is supposed to be used with the official URTSI Serial Interface by Somfy. It cannot work with the CUL USB Stick, as the CUL has a very different driver interface.

There’s currently no support for controlling Somfy devices via CUL in OpenHAB - although of course it’s possible if you manage to write or adapt a binding for this. You’ll need Java programming experience for this, though.

best regards

Hi Peter,

I have a basic working binding for Somfy RTS via CUL.




Ok cool, very cool! How do you add The shutters to OpenHab when its not possible to program them?

I added the shutters as things via the paper UI and then hardcoded the current address and the initial rolling code in a property file. The values were obtained via two different ways:

  • Originally transferred from FHEM
  • By learning/programing the shutters via a custom Java program (that I intend to integrate into the main code)

Could you please give a detailed description how you did this? I´m using FHEM but i don´t like it. Would be great to be able to switch to OpenHAB. Depends from my Somfys working or not.

you mean the implementation or the current configuration based on the code?

I mean the implementation, how to implement your somfy solution.

Hi Daniel,

some time is gone, this weekend i´ll have time to play around with OH.
How can I implement your solution?

Thx, Peter

Hi Peter,

sorry I was off for a while. As the solution is not perfect (yet) the solution existed of two steps:

  1. Learning the remote and shutter
    I used the code in my sample repo for learning the remote control. Therefore I manually set an address in the code and the control to P for programming. Then I set the shutter to programming mode and ran the program. The address is then needed for step 2.
  2. Here I used the address and then added my plugin to the OpenHAB installation. Via the paper UI I added a CUL interface and then based on the CUL interface a Shutter item:
    Rollershutter Shutter_Room "Room" {channel="somfycul:somfydevice:a59165d2:position"}

Hope this helps


Hi together,
I have a basic question regarding this topic: If I own e.g. a CC1101-USB-Lite 868MHz and I have a Somfy remote for my sunblind/marquise, would it be possible to just use OH2.3 to control the sunblind/marquise using the approach described above? Or do I need something in addition?
For now I have just the option to use the Somfy remote control manually if I want to drive the blind. Thanks for clarification!

Hi Ben,

with a couple of new additions I have a solution running just with a OpenHAB 2.2 / 2.3 instance.
Therefore I adapted a couple of things in the github repo mentioned above, packaged the binding and put it into the Eclipse marketplace:

The installation worked for me as follows:

  1. Install the binding into your OpenHab installation (see Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace)
  2. Add the appropriate things to your config (*.things)
somfycul:culdevice:cul [ port="/dev/ttyACM0" ]
somfycul:somfydevice:esslinks (somfycul:culdevice:cul)
  1. Add a rollershutter as a switch to your sitemap for programming the switch (*.items and *.sitemap)
Switch       Shutter_Ess_Links         "Eßzimmer links"  (somfyFF) {channel="somfycul:somfydevice:esslinks:program"}  
  1. Set the rollershutter to programming mode via your remote (should go up and down slightly)
  2. Press the switch in your sitemap (the rollershutter should go up and down slightly for confirmation)
  3. Change the rollershutter in your items and sitemap to a rollershutter :wink:
Rollershutter       Shutter_Ess_Links         "Eßzimmer links"  (somfyFF) {channel="somfycul:somfydevice:esslinks:position"} 

This is how I set up all my rollershutters in my house now via a CUL.


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Hi Daniel,
thanks a lot for the explanation. I’m quite excited to try it. However, first I have to get the Stick and then I’m going to test it and will report back here.

I tried to learn in my marquise, however it didn’t work yet. The CUL is known to openhab, I have also added things and item. From the log everything seems to be fine. Where I struggle is the actual learning process. If I hold the “my” key on the remote there is no reaction of the actuator. If I press the “reset” Button on the backside of the remote the marquise is responding with a short up/down as supposed to with the “my” Button, I guess. What I also read in the manual of the remote is that for learning new devices, the new remote should be less than 30cm away from the receiver. Is that a constraint which must be met? Any ideas, why the my button is not acting as supposed?
Thanks again!

Hi Ben,

could you post the output from the logs?

As far as I understood the problem seems currently not with the OpenHab learning but setting the shutter to learning mode?

The constraint with the 30cm of the new remote is definitely not a problem. E.g. my remote (CUL stick) is at least 8m away from the shutter (with a couple of walls in between).


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply. I guess it is no issue with openhab or the binding, it seems indeed to be a problem in setting the shutter to learning mode. However, here is the log output:

2018-03-02 22:27:43.791 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: ON
2018-03-02 22:27:43.794 [INFO ] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Send message YsA1800006000001 for thing somfyDeviceLabel
==> /var/log/openhab2/events.log <==
2018-03-02 22:27:43.804 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Shutter_Terrasse changed from OFF to ON
==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==
2018-03-02 22:28:23.802 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: OFF
2018-03-02 22:28:23.806 [INFO ] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Send message YsA1800007000001 for thing somfyDeviceLabel
==> /var/log/openhab2/events.log <==
2018-03-02 22:28:23.802 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘Shutter_Terrasse’ received command OFF
2018-03-02 22:28:23.816 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Shutter_Terrasse changed from ON to OFF

I think it is looking normal.
Nevertheless, I’m glad that the 30cm rule is not to be taken that serious, I rather wont dismount my RPi and carry it to the shutter. I’ll try again to set the shutter to learning mode tomorrow, hopefully with a little bit more luck.

Hi Ben,

the log looks the same as my log file. So a trigger of the ON/OFF Event for programming and then the appropriate programming command (8 in the message -

For reference I’m working with a Somfy Oximo 50 RTS motor and a Somfy Centralis RTS remote.


Hi Daniel,
it took some time to try again, but still I’m not successful. I tried different things in order to put the shutter into learning mode. I don’t no the motor type, but I have the Somfy Telis 1 RTS Pure as remote control. I tried various methods to put the system into learning mode:

  • press the up and down buttons together -> no reaction
  • turn of power for 3 seconds, turn on for 10seconds, and again for 3 seconds -> no reaction
  • press the rear button on the remote -> at least a short up and down of the shutter
    After all that methods I tried to use the item/switch combination, however, no success. My question now: Is there any type of confirmation after the learning process was successful? Or is the protocol silent here?
    I’m again attaching the log with debug output turned on. Maybe you still have some idea?

Thanks again,

2018-03-10 09:46:52.079 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: ON

2018-03-10 09:46:52.085 [DEBUG] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - rolling code before command 0028

2018-03-10 09:46:52.091 [INFO ] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Send message YsA1800028000001 for thing somfyDeviceLabel

2018-03-10 09:46:52.097 [DEBUG] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Trying to write ‘YsA1800028000001’ to serial port /dev/ttyUSB0

2018-03-10 09:46:52.134 [DEBUG] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - Updated rolling code to 0029

2018-03-10 09:47:06.723 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: OFF

2018-03-10 09:47:06.735 [DEBUG] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - rolling code before command 0029

2018-03-10 09:47:06.748 [INFO ] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Send message YsA1800029000001 for thing somfyDeviceLabel

2018-03-10 09:47:06.752 [DEBUG] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Trying to write ‘YsA1800029000001’ to serial port /dev/ttyUSB0

2018-03-10 09:47:06.772 [DEBUG] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - Updated rolling code to 002A

2018-03-10 09:47:19.323 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model ‘somfy.items’

2018-03-10 09:47:19.435 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: REFRESH

2018-03-10 09:47:19.438 [.ItemChannelLinkAddedEvent] - Link ‘Shutter_Terrasse-somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program’ has been added.

2018-03-10 09:47:19.455 [temChannelLinkRemovedEvent] - Link ‘Shutter_Terrasse_learn => somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program’ has been removed.

2018-03-10 09:48:23.876 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: DOWN

2018-03-10 09:48:34.181 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: UP

2018-03-10 09:48:46.101 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:terrasseMarqu:program, command: DOWN

Hi Ben,

the rear button seems to be the right solution.

A short up and down of the shutter confirms the setting to program mode (at least with my shutters). When I then press the switch with the bound programming item the shutter moves up and down again to confirm that it recognized the new remote.


Hi Daniel, hi all
I try to install my selfmade CUL (433 Hz) in order to control my somfy rollershutters (remote: Telis 6 Chronis S RTS).
First I cannot install the binding from the marktplace. I have understood how to do it, and with another binding it works bot not with yours. So I downloaded the .jar file and placed it in the addon folder and rebooted the pi (openhabianpi, RP3b+).
I configured all the way you mentioned on your post from Feb 20.
When I set the rollershutter in programming mode via the switch at the wall after unmounting the cover (which leads to the programming mode without the remote), it goes up and down. After that, I press the switch in my sitemap, but nothing happened.

Is the remote necessary for the procedure?
Is the hole thing installed like it is described in the post from Feb 20?
Can I use your binding in addition to the Intertechno binding with one cul (for a control of a plug; If I installed only the Intertechno binding, the plug is reacting on the signals )?

Here an example of my logs:
2018-04-10 15:52:24.131 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Shutter_Ess_Links changed from NULL to ON

2018-04-10 15:52:26.505 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘Shutter_Ess_Links’ received command OFF

2018-04-10 15:52:26.524 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Shutter_Ess_Links changed from ON to OFF

==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==

2018-04-10 15:52:26.527 [INFO ] [ing.somfycul.handler.SomfyCULHandler] - channelUID: somfycul:somfydevice:esslinks:program, command: OFF

2018-04-10 15:52:26.533 [INFO ] [.binding.somfycul.handler.CulHandler] - Send message YsA180000F000001 for thing somfyDeviceLabel