openHAB Demo

Dear Community,

I was wondering, why the demo throws a lot of exceptions or log messages that there are several objects which can’t be found. Is there are reason, why we do not offer a demo which is free from errors?

One example: the “Button Switch” on / off is not working.

I just wanted to fix that in Eclipse-IDE and create a PR, then I recognized that there are several things in the demo I would change and therefore it is wise to start the discussion here before proposing changes by a PR I guess.

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The demo was free of errors before the eclipse smarthome merge. It would be great if the introduced errors can be fixed.


Thanks for your reply @David_Graeff!

I’ve already created a ticket and will try to get this done (

Anyway I am wondering, how to add new sitemaps in Eclipse IDE what steps are necessary that the changes will take effect after adding the new sitemap file to the “Demo” project?

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