openHAB Developer Hackathon Europe - General Planning & Discussion

Any news on this?

Good time to ask! Today after long waiting time I had the first real meeting with Bosch regarding the Hackathon. They want to include us into the event, but they’re still in internal clarifyings. The most important information: Date is shifted to 13th May - 15th May.

Definitely, you can already save the date, but at this point of time we have no openHAB participant contingent yet, this is still under discussion as well as other details. I hope it’ll be clarified until end of next week.

Generally, it would work like this:

  • Either the openHAB Foundation gets a participant contingent or people have to apply to the event via the normal application process by Bosch [under discussion].
  • Two or three Hack Coaches named by the openHAB Foundation will help and guide participants during the event. I’ll be one of these Hack Coaches. If you’re interested to be a Hack Coach, please ping me via PM (especially @maintainers)!
  • The openHAB Foundation prepares several Hack Challenges that are in line with Bosch’s Hack Challenges which you can find on the website.
  • Participants work in teams of 2 - 8 people. The event starts at 13th May in the evening (6pm) with team building. So participants will connect with each other and work out on which topics they want to work on.
  • Teams can work on one of the pre-defined hack challenges by the Foundation or can also work on another topic.
  • On 15th May, at the last day, teams can (if they want) apply to pitch their results on a bigger stage and compete against other teams. The pitch would be 100 seconds and I think in the end there will be prices for the “winner teams”, but I have no details regarding that yet.

I’d like to get some numbers now which helps in the contingent discussion. Short feedback within the poll would be highly appreciated!

  • I’d definitely like to take part
  • Not sure yet
  • I can’t/won’t take part

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Sorry, unfortunately that’s not possible for me at that time.
Would love to be there. Please make sure to get enough pics during the event. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking forward to see list of challenges to pass over from openHAB foundation point of view. Everything I saw so far on event page is related to bosch ecosystem and products.

Thanks to @jb4711 efforts we already have working home connect integration, so maybe there are some improvements which can be implemented over there.

Thanks for the hint! We’re open to suggestions :slight_smile: Feel free to join as a hack coach if you’re interested in designing the challanges. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to make the challenges public before. Of course, participants are supposed to work on the challenges live at the Hackathon and not in advance (especially as there will be a contest at the end).

No worries. The challenges will orient on topics, not on vendors. Anyhow, as I said already, every team can work on whatever they want, nobody is obliged to work on the predefined challenges.

if someone needs a couch, give me a ping.

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Hi all,

good news! We got a contingent of up to 25 participants and I can finally announce that the event will definitely happen :slight_smile: I’ll now prepare the registration process and add the event on our website.


fyi, I renamed this thread and will create a new one for the actual event announcement as soon as I prepared the registration process this weekend.

EDIT: Done. openHAB@BCW19: Developer Hackathon Europe (Berlin): 13th - 15th May 2019