OpenHAB Development

I’ve been working with OpenHAB just doing some basic work with what’s available for a while now but I’m getting interested in getting more involved with what’s going on in the actual code. I’d like to be able to start binding development and be able to start contributing to maintaining and adding features to bindings. I’m not very experienced with open-source development though and I’m not finding a ton of resources on getting started with Binding development. Are there any resources someone can point me to just so I can get started reading and learning?


I would recommend reading the developers section on

In particular:

Besides from the suggested sources in the post above, you can also consider looking in the code base:

Thanks, I’ll start looking through some of these resources. I’m hoping to be able to start contributing to some of the bindings like the Insteon binding and hopefully help get it to a 2.0 level binding.

Thanks for the pointers.