Openhab device emulator

Is it possible to setup Openhab with sensor emulators(or other devices). If yes, which one are there and where can i find them.

If there is an API for a sensor emulator or the emulator is able to publish to OH’s API or MQTT then the answer is yes . Do I know of any? No.

Running a sensor emulator seems like way overkill for a home automation context.

Thanks for your answer. What about normal sensors within phones. I have Iphone and would like to set up connection between openhab and this sensors. Where should I look for? Is there some app?

It is the same question for each and every device (real or simulated). Does the device have any interface through which it communicates? If yes, it COULD be connected (if the used interface is supported already), if not …
For your phone, do you know if the sensors data is sent via any used interface/connection (WIFI/Bluetooth…)?