Openhab Docker and Grafana Docker - How to interact?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:
      I5 3450 - Openhab running on Docker - 8Go RAM
    • OS: what OS is used and which version
      Linux Debian
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
      running in Container
    • openHAB version:
      running OH 2.4 in container
  • Issue of the topic:

My openhab is running into a Container (it works perfectly) and I’ve now integrated Influx DB with Grafana, each of them in containers as well, everything is working smoothly.
My issues comes when I want to integrate via an Iframe the Grafana Diagrams.
I can easily setup the grafana system (running on port 3000 on the same machine, docker gives an easy way to manage this), but when I want to integrate the diagrams in the OH pages, and that’s where it’s stuck.

I do believe that the Openhab Container is not able to “see” the Grafana container (but maybe I’m wrong) which leads to a blak page in Basic UI.
When I load my URL to integrata (from Grafana) directly in a browser, it works perfectly, but when I want to integrate it into a webview in BasicUI, I just basically get… nothing.

Did you experienced the same ?



If you are using an iframe, it is there browser that needs to see both. openHAB is just providing the url.

I never really got the webview to work the way I wanted it to so I use Grafana Image Renderer. To use a webview there are a couple of ways presented in InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing. But in my experience webviews in general don’t work in the Android app, unless something had changed.

If you are using net=host for openHAB and port mapped grafana’s port, openHAB can see Grafana just fine.

ok thanks for the tip, will opt for that one then