openHAB EV Charging Rules

openHAB EV Charging Rules are complex rules that optimise electric vehicle charging. Using openHAB items for interaction with physical devices, via openHAB bindings, jRules handle the complexity of smart charging control. A UI Widget handles user interaction.

Why post this here?

  • I really like the JRules approach for complex logic. This will hopefully be a useful example for others.

  • Maybe this helps you develop your own EV Charging Rules.

  • The code is designed to be generic and reusable so maybe with community involvement other charger implementations will be tested and contributed.


I was inspired by the EVCC ( project but wanted to reuse my openHAB configuration. DSL Scripts were proving buggy and not reusable. So I tried a Java approach with JRules.


This might not work for you and your things without some Java coding.


Each car has its own charging limit/target and time.

Each Rule has its own Configuration and can be enabled/disabled.

SRC: GitHub - dougculnane/oh-ev-charging-rules: openHAB EV Charging Rules