Openhab face detection with Frigate and CompreFace

Hello all,

I have made a working face detection in Openhab using Frigate and CompreFace and the way to do it is published here

Unfortunately I was not able to use sendHttpPostRequest from Openhab nad I had to make a script to send the image for recognition to CompreFace.
I hope that Openhab guru’s will use this approach as a starting point and make the solution more elegant.


Thanks for sharing
What’s your usecase and next steps? E.g. do you run specific rules, scenes etc based on the results from face detection?

Hello Matthias,
I am using to detect persons that are unknown, based on subject similarity value, if is lower than 95% the I consider that face as unknown and trigger a Telegram notification and if the Frigate recordings are off I turn them on for 10min.

Another use case (I am thinking to implement it) can be to set a room scene if a known person in detected in that room.

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Frigate already sends the image to openhab.
You can use that to send it to CompreFace.

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