OpenHab Fibaro Dimmer2 controller?


I’m brand new to home automation, I’ve bought nothing yet, only downloaded openHab2 on to my QNAP (running as a container).

My first project is to use the Fibaro dimmer2, a wifi switch that you can install behind a light switch, with openHab. In conjunction with openHab, do I need a controller? Or am I right in thinking that as the switches are wifi enabled, it can be binded directly to openHab without the need of a controller?

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zwave is not wifi. You need a controller for this. At QNAP it will be a usb controller like Aeotec Stick or uzb

Wow fast response, thank you Skeal.

As I’m new to this can you think of a better solution that I may have not yet come across in my research?

I like the idea of using a wifi switch behind the light switch - its a cheaper option than replacing every lightbulb in my house!

Also, I want to be able to control the lights from my amazon echo, which I assume requires IFTTT.

Thank you!!

With zwave you can replace your switches and not every bulb. I think there might be some 433mhz and other technologies that work that way but I think zwave is the most commonly used one around here. Both of these are wireless but they require a USB dongle to interface it with your openHAB server.

I’ve not seen too many wifi switches beyond DIY built on eps8266 chips. There are tons of options for wifi enabled plugs (i.e. a device that plugs into the wall and then your lamp et al plugs into that). Including a $20 device at Home Depot if you are in the US.

I don’t think so. People have figured out how to get Echo to talk to OH directly I believe.