OpenHAB Files on QNAP - Struggling first timer

I am struggling to set up QNAP on my QNAP TS-253 NAS Drive and will be grateful for any help. Progress to date:
OpenHAB has been installed on my QNAP and I can access via the openHAB App on my phone.
I have added things on to the Paper UI and can see them on my phone App.
However, I am struggling to find the config files on the QNAP, so I can’t create any sites and there seems very little support out there to help with this for the QNAP.
I am capable with Windows and regularly use Android Studio to programme apps, but I am not experienced with QNAP and Linux. When I view the File Manager, I can see very little (no apps including openHAB), just data really.
Does anyone have any advice or can I be pointed in the direction of a useful web page or video?
Many thanks for reading.