Openhab for Yeelights and Xiaomi Roborock V1

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RaspberryPi
    • OS:OpenHabian (latest)

How to add Yeelight and Xiaomi devices?

In my fresh install there was no yeelight binding present. I managed to download and activate it though. Shouldn’t the binding be there right from the start - in the tutorials it is visible…

Now I have the Yeelight binding, Xiaomi Mi IO Binding and the Xiaomi Smart Home binding activated.

I have 4 Yeelight Ceiling lamps and a Xiaomi vacuum robot V1 in my home.

I am planning to use
Xiaomi Smart door/window sensors (round),
Xiaomi Smart human body sensor,
Xiaomi Smart Wireless switch,
Aqara water sensor,
Aqara Temp/Hum. Sensor,
Sonoff Basic Wifi Smart Switches

I would like to avoid the Xiaomi cloud. If there is a way to use the sensors without a gateway I would prefer that. Otherwise I disable internet connection to the gateway in my router.

Do I need the yeelight binding or is it advisable to use the Mi IO Binding…

Do I still need the tokens from the devices that don’t need the gateway or isn’t that necessary anymore? (I already downloaded the Mi home 5.0.19 to get a grip on the tokens but I wait till I get some infos here…).

In the control tab I can already see my Yeelight devices (configured via Mi IO) but the tokens are still missing…

So what is the best practice to get this all up an running?

I eventually switched to iobroker. iobroker is much easier and pairing Xiaomi and aqara devices witch a CC2531 was really easy and works reliable.

Bye bye OH.