openHAB friendly Motion Sensor Suggestions

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This is a thread I started about motion sensors that work well with OpenHAB2. Here is most the original post:

Hope to get some help picking out new [motion sensors] from people who have had good experiences with any particular models. The reviews on amazon are all over the place.Thanks in advance.

zwave or zigbee
works well with OpenHAB
immediate trigger/immediate reset for lighting
available in U.S.A.
If it measures light level that would be a nice addition.

Please tell me what you have, how long you’ve had it and how good it works. Also, what dongle do you use? I use a Linear HUSBZ dongle.

I’ve tried a few zigbee and zwave motion sensors and here is how they work

Tested so far:

Dome - zwave - works good in openHAB
link to Dome test below (post 31)

Philips Hue - zigbee - works good in openHAB (tested with Hue binding only)
link to Hue test below (post33)

Fibaro - zwave - works good in openHAB
link to Fibaro test below (post 36)

Monoprice (Zooz) - zwave - works fair in openHAB
link to Monoprice test below (post 38)

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I´m using the Fibaro Motion sensor for a quite a while now and it´s working without any issues.

The sensor has 5 channels: motion, tamper, luminance, battery level and temperature

I´m firing some rules with the sensor.
Example light in the hallway
The light will be turned on for a period of time and with a brightness matching the time of the day.
At daytime the light will only be turned on if it´s dark in the hallway.

Thank you for suggestion. Some questions please?
This motion sensor is zigbee correct?
What kind of hub/controller do you use?
how many do you own and for how long?
battery life?

  1. It´s a zwave sensor
  2. I´m using the ZME-UZB1 usb stick
  3. Currently only one but for 2,5 years now
  4. It´s using a CR123A battery and for me one battery lasts about 12 to 13 months

I too use the Fibaro Motion sensor and also have the Aeotec Multisensors.

The Fibaro is leagues better, more sensitive and generally more reliable and accurate.

wow awesome and I’ll definitely take a second look, thanks.
So the luminance is of a usable scale for light control? How often does the luminance report and how quickly to respond? How does tamper work? When the sensor housing is opened or when the sensor is moved?


GE/Jasco makes motion controlled z-wave switches. I use 2 of these: in my laundry room. There also seems to be a dimmer version available here:


When the sensor is moved!

Now that is interesting data point. ‘leagues better’… ‘leagues better’, would say is A LOT better!
I was interested because the Aeotec sensors spec out nice but $$$ they are a lot more expensive.
What model Aeotec do you own and feel free to expound on how the Fibaro is better then the Aeotec
Also please see questions about Fibaro… how many how long, your controller

You have some as well Alex? Do you like them?

Do you own? How do they play with openHAB?

Yes I have three Fibaro FGMS-001.

They are very reliable and I am very happy with them.

See here:

You‘re able to configure the time if i remember that correctly.
Just have a look at the manual.

Update: Oct 6 2019
Iris went under and these sensors are no longer available, details here

Update: Feb 17 2019
This motion sensor has gone offline. The tiny green LED is no longer blinking. I suspect the battery is exhausted. This sensor is approx. 5 months old
update: March 12 2019
A new battery does NOT help this unit. Flashed when new battery was inserted but no joy.

I own Iris motion sensor from Lowes (big box home improvement store in usa)
This is the 2nd generation motion sensor from Iris manufacturer’s model number 3326-L

It runs on zigbee. I use Linear HUSBZ doogle (will post link if folks need)
Price: super cheap $30 us
works: great, fast, good range
Battery: Cr2 (may not be right name) so far 4 months 98%
Own for: 4 months

This is an unexpected surprise, great little motion sensor for cheap. I think it is rebranded. It is tiny square ish with no little ball swivel or mount, just sticky tape but beveled edge on back to mount in corner on set on shelf. white in color

light green led light flashes when motion detected, cannot defeat led but it is not bothersome and shows the unit is functioning. also fun to see how quick it flashes to light come on. (less the 1 sec)

no need to load app on phone or anything, just pulled the rip cord out and hit discovery button in PaperUI and it popped right up
where I got mine retail locally (Florida USA)

on sale at amazon right now for 25 us

The Fibaro is leagues better because it works consistently and its temp measurement is very accurate in my tests.

The Aeotec doesnt always pickup motion, disconnects on occasion and is only 4meters from the controller.

The price difference here in Australia is about $30. I use the Aeotec Multisensor 5, the latest one. All my devces are latest firmware, i wont ever buy Aeotec again, too many issues.

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Ok… I think I will try the Fibaro, super cool design, lots of good review, zwave.
But… I want to try two different brands, I going to buy at least two sesnsors. (it my money) So keep the suggestion rolling in if you please.
Has anyone tried the Dome?
Edit: Dome apparently does motion, temperature and light level (luminance)

very important

The Aeotec specs out nice, lots of features but $$$ and all reviews point to it being garbage
crossing this one off the list

Has anyone tried Zooz?
Edit: Apparently Zooz and Monoprice are one and the same sensor but theses have motion, temperature, humidity and light detector(luminance) for around 30 us
I’d really like to hear from anyone who’s tried either.

@Andrew_Rowe - I use 2 of these: in my laundry room. They work well with openHAB 2 for my purposes.

openHAB question about Fibaro FGMS-001
Was the encryption difficult/different then non encrypted device in anyone’s experience. Are all of you using the encryption feature?

users on Amazon say say configuration features only work with fibaro hub, I thought it had a phone app, does it? Any way to set config in openHAB?

Wow… that puppy is not cheap!!!

Quality costs money. I dont use encryption, dont see the point. Id reserve such things for locks only