openHAB Google Assistant Integration v2.0

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Dear OH-Community,

it took some while, but I am happy to announce a new version 2.0 of our Google Assistant Integration, which I am going to deploy live at this weekend. I am trying to make the interruption hopefully seamless.

There been bigger improvements and refactorings within this efforts and the overall integration is much more robust, flexible and extendable.
The new version will support the latest Actions on Google Smarthome API:

When we started the openHAB Google Assistant Integration, we been the first open source integration system to have a GA support and been featured on Google IO. We been really early-birds, since there been many issues and not so much docs back in our first version. Sometimes we been beta-testers and helped fixing bugs with Google. Since ever than, Google added better docs, examples and more support for device types. The v2.0 openHAB Google Assistant Integration will support now most recent version of the Google API and some of the following devices:

  • RollerShutter
  • Door & Window
  • Vaacum Cleaner
  • Curtain
  • (Door-)Lock
  • many more…

Our new version also takes advantage of using openHAB metadata instead of tags (which will be rolled out in a second step, see: This makes the UX for users easier and will be in the same approach as for Alexa Skill v3.0. We are aiming to keep existing tags continue to work with the new version, so users will not need to migrate their current setup.

I also want to introduce Michael Krug (@michikrug) who was the major volunteer to touch the OH Google Assistant development and improvements. He contributed all of the v2.0 code based on the architectural foundation we created with v1.0 (Serverless Google Cloud Function w. OAuth access to REST API of He improved the integration nearly on all parts and I really like his contributions and positive energy! He made this possible, and I am really happy to have him on board. Also a big thank you to pythen ( who always supported with PRs and contributions as one of the first early contributors.

You can find the documentation and instructions etc. under

Please feel welcome and invited to check the source code, submit issues and create pull requests at:

PS: Yes, it will available soon. As mentioned last preperations for deployment at the weekend :slight_smile:
For sure you can support by directly testing after the deployment and help to get quick feedback that we didnt break anything heavily.


Awesome news Mehmet! And fantastic to have Michael and pythen helping and pushing this forward.

great job, looking forward to use it.:clap:

Great news. Can you post here once deployed? Thanks for your great work!

This is really great news @MARZIMA and a huge welcome to @michikrug
I really look forward to see whats new, (I did follow the github thread as well, but its not quite clear).

I just took a look at the docs. I dont see anything updated yet… Will the original doc beeing updated to suit version 2.0 when it´s deployed?
As mentioned in github - Let me know if you need help with the docs. Atm my main system is just waiting for this deployment. Then I´ll prepare a jump from 2.5M2 to whatever is required. From there I will be able to provide whatever help you´ll need, (regarding docs… I cant code unfortunatly).
I believe this GA integration is so important to openhab, than almost anything else.

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Can’t wait for the fix as I got a Mini from my Brother to test with but I am also experiencing the “Sorry I can’t reach the light right now, please try again…”. Quite excited to see it in action once fixed!!

Hey, at least the docu in the repository is somehow updated. I think still one or two device types are missing, but I added most of the new ones there.
To maintain the old/current functionality the users have nothing to do at all.

Really new functionality in terms of more advanced configurations are only coming with the metadata update. That will still take some time.

Important for users that used a single item with tag “CurrentTemperature” to abuse the Google Thermostat type as a temperature sensor.
This will NOT work anymore. You now always have to create a Thermostat Group and add the “CurrentTemperature” item.


Has this been deployed yet? I ask because I looked at the docs and I see support for Fan. I added the tag and sync’d, but it doesn’t show up in the Home app. I have it setup as a Dimmer however as that has been the default in OpenHAB. For fan switches shouldn’t this be optionally classified as a dimmer?

With the current state it would only appear when defined as a Switch (as stated in the docs).
The implementation as a Dimmer is part of the metadata update.

Is volume supported in this new version? I didn’t see it listed in the git documentation. Also any word when this will be deployed?

marzima said “As mentioned last preperations for deployment at the weekend :slight_smile:” so we wait any time now …

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latest state is deployed.

Please help testing. Would be great.

Many Thanks!
BR Mehmet


Hello Mehmet,
Thank you for all your hard work!
Can you please post the link?
I am guessing github?
Thank you for your help.

It works for my lights and blinds. Thanks a lot for your hard work! will check thermostats later.

Great news! Could you or @michikrug briefly outline what users would need to do to move over to the new system and help you test?

The documentation doesn’t appear to have been updated yet and saying “Google sync my devices” seems to not work for me anymore - I get the “something went wrong while syncing openHAB”

Thermostat seems to work fine too.

Great news indeed! I tagged my doorlock (proxy) as Lock and it shows up in Google Home, however it is not functional and shown with a “gear” icon:


I am still at milestone 4, restarted OpenHAB, are there other requirements for it to function?

Fan works as well and show up in the Google Home app.

I added my garage door as “Garage”, but it’s not appearing in the Google Home app.

I tagged my Switch item by “Lock”, told “Synchronize devices”. Unfortunately I don’t see new item in my Google Home app.

EDIT: It was my fault. It was Contact, not Switch.

Actually it works on the Google display…

I can now say “lock the door” to set a switch item in OpenHAB :grinning:
Unfortunately it shows the gear icon in the Android / IOS Google Home app. Perhaps a Google issue?