OpenHAB hangs on Windows 8.1 machine

Initially, I had problems to get OpenHAB up and running on my Windows 8.1 64-bit machine. After switching to a 32 bit version of Java 7, I could get the designer up and running.
Now I started playing with the designer and the demo project to see how things fit together. However, shortly after starting using the designer, the complete application stalls. This can happen while editing items, or simply asking to refresh the web view or even simply clicking on another window in the designer. The only way out is to forcefully stop the designer and restart it again.
Anyone any idea what could cause this behaviour?

Hi there

I have the same problem on a Dell 64Bit Windows 8.1 and a Lenovo 32Bit Windows 7.
I can provocate it to stall every time i press Ctrl-S. Opendesigner just dies (stalling)
The server (on the same machine is still running) but it only happens when the internal browser window in on.
Showing my demo sketch.

So if anybody have a solution … Im listening.

I can only confirm that it’s still the same situation on a Windows 10 Home Edition system. I see a lot of Java exceptions on the DOS console, but I still have to check them to see if there’s a relation to the issue.

Did you try to leave the brower window empty (in designer)

No, I didn’t. But I don’t see the benefit of doing this. Having the browser up and running (using the openHAB server ip address) is (or should be) just a big added value to immediately see the changes you make in your openHAB files.
Otherwise, you could just as well use a simple editor to make/create your items, rules, sitemap,… then do your changes and finally look for the effect in a real browser…

By the way: that’s how I currently work, because of the issues with the designer…

Yes i know… Designer is based on Java, and can give some heavy problems.
I just do as you, or I don’t use the internal browser.