Openhab Harmony IR or Bluetooth

I have been looking around and cant find any clear answers.
I only use on button on my harmony to activate an activity to turn on tv, xbox and stereo input.
I have hue lights dim with that activity.
I have some insteon fan controls and ligh switches in this room as well.
I would like for my other two buttons to be for scene control with openhab so i can get my other lights integrated.
It would be great if harmony would talk directly to openhab but this does not seem to be an option.
I have thought about Harmony connecting to IR or Bluetooth connected to openhab.

Has anyone done this? would you go one way or the other? Any other ideas i have missed?

I thank you so much


I just got the harmony working this morning , so the Logitech remote now
sees oh2 as a hue bridge , I have not tried mapping a button yet.