OpenHab HomeKit integration

Hi all,

I’m testing to integrate the HomeKit service, so I can “speak” to OpenHAB to turn on/off light for a start.
However, I can’t figure out the right configuration of the items to show up in HomeKit.

I have the following “homekit.items” file:

Rollershutter home_test "homekit test" {homekit = "HomeKitTest"}
Rollershutter window_covering "Window Rollershutter" {homekit = "WindowCovering"} 
Rollershutter window_covering2 "2Window Rollershutter" {homekit = "2WindowCovering"} 

The only item showing up in HomeKit is the second one.
I also tested with a “Switch” item, but that does not show up either.
Then the second question is, lets assume the rollershutter is right as configurered above, how do I add the zwave config to it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jasper,
maybe it is not clear from the documentation (your feedback can help to improve it) but as tag you can only use the defined accessory types. it is not the name of the accessory.
Rollershuttter id “name” {homekit = “accessory type”}

in your example it would be

    Rollershutter home_test       "homekit test" {homekit = "WindowCovering"}
    Rollershutter window_covering "Window Rollershutter" {homekit = "WindowCovering"} 
    Rollershutter window_covering2 "2Window Rollershutter" {homekit = "WindowCovering"}

with the switch it depends what accessory type it should be, e.g. light, switch, something else.

Switch          light_example     "Light"       {homekit="Lighting"}
Switch          switch_example    "Switch"      {homekit="Switchable"}
Switch          outlet_example    "Outlet"      {homekit="Outlet"}
Switch          valve_example     "Valve"       {homekit="Valve"}

regarding zwave - just add configuration to the same line, e.g.

    Rollershutter home_test "homekit test" {homekit = "WindowCovering", channel="zwave:device:..."}
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Hi Eugen,

Thanks for the quick and very clear response!
oh my god, that makes perfectly sense. I knew I did something “stupid”. But I was scanning through the doc ( )and only paid attention to the “tag” and “metadata” part.
LOL, and I was almost going nuts, since all the copied items from the doc show up, and when I added a manual one…it did not!
But yes, maybe the doc should be rephrased a bit, emphasizing that the “defined” accessory type should be used in the style

 {homekit = “accessory type”}

under the list of accessory types. I believe that would make it clear in one go


Just one more, there seem to be 4 items linked by the PaperUI itself, since they are not part of any of my “item” files. Is there a way to show up items through PaperUI in the HomeKit as well?

as far as i know there is not easy way to add homekit tags to items via PaperUI… there is a way using REST API but probably it is easier to add this items manually to items config and add the tag there.

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Yes, but for some reason I have “legacy” items, which are not configured in any “.items” file, but keep showing up in HomeKit. These items come from PaperUI…so I’m a bit puzzled how I can get rid of them?
Maybe I have to remove them completely from OpenHab and re-create them agaon.
Will have a look at it tomorrow…

Thank all for the support so far!