OpenHAB homematic binding invalid characters in hue items


I am using OpenHAB 4 together with the Homematic and the Hue Binding. The Homematic CCU, for some reason, also lists the Hue items, but I do not make use of this as the hue items are addressed via the hue bridge (and in OpenHAB via the hue binding).

However, the homematic binding keeps flooding the logs with messages like this

2023-10-20 21:24:58.953 [INFO ] [ng.homematic.internal.misc.MiscUtils] - Address 'HU-Extended co' contains invalid characters, new Address 'HU-Extended_co'

These are entries in the CCU that are automatically generated for hue items that I cannot change. Can I somehow turn off that the binding cares about these entries and keeps displaying errors for them? After all, having spaces in the same seems to be ok for Homematic, it’s only not ok for the Homematic binding.

Thanks, Torsten

you must have installed the hue addon in homematic. Deinstall this if you are not using it.
mfg Ralf