Openhab Homematic: How to Trigger Smoke Alarm (setValue)?

Hello everyone,

I have a door sensor and an alarm integrated in Homegear. When directly connected to homegear, I can trigger the alarm with
homegear -e rc '$hg->setValue(0x40000013, 1, "STATE", true);'
On the homegear board I also found the info “Of course you can call “setValue” over RPC, too.”

Now I am wondering how to do that in OpenHab; where and how would I enter that command?
I have already created a switch item as a thing in the Eclipse Smarthome Designer with “parameter=STATE” for the alarm and integrated it in the sitemap. Just moving the slider doesnt do anything. Can you guys help out? :slight_smile:

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As far as I know it is currently not possible to trigger the alarm in openHAB. The reason ist that the CCU does not support it (at least for the HM-SEC-SCo). Therefore it has not been implemented yet.

@gerrieg What do you think about it? Does it make sens to implement this function but only if Homegear is used?

Hello @MHerbst,

thanks for the answer. I am asking as I am referring to this thread here on the homegear board:

First assumption was, that it’s not possible as well, but as I tested, the CCU (Raspberry Pi3 with hm-mod-rpi-pcb-board from ELV) can trigger the alarm - in the homegear terminal at least.

EDIT: It’s working now. When I added the fire alarm to homegear, it automatically created a fire alarm group, as here is the result excerpt:

         ID │ Name                      │  Address │ Serial Number │ Type │ Type String               │ Firmware │ Config Pending │ Unreach │ Low Bat
          1 │ Door_Entrance             │   58BA29 │    OEQ0392086 │ 00C7 │                HM-Sec-SCo │      1.0 │             No │      No │      No
          2 │ Alarm_Entrance            │   4C724C │    NEQ0443157 │ 00AA │               HM-Sec-SD-2 │      1.0 │             No │      No │      No
 0x40000002 │                           │   4C724C │   *NEQ0443157 │ 00AA │          HM-Sec-SD-2-Team │        ? │             No │      No │      No

Now that I added the device in Habmin, it shows up in PaperUI:

Using the “State” button in PaperUI I can trigger the alarm. I configured the thing as
Switch Alarm_Test_1 "Alarm_Test_1" <fire> { channel="homematic:HG-HM-Sec-SD-2-Team:HMCFGUSB2:T-NEQ0443157:1#STATE" }

Hitting the Button in the Sitemap now triggers the alarm and also stops it. :slight_smile:

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