OpenHAB how to easy start?

I did the similar question but found out that my topic was closed already. No so often can find time for SM things. So I’m strugling with ‘how to start’ I’ve read articles about mqttp and binding… but to be honest this dock wroted by person who know what he talking about to the same person… no concept visuals and so on. So if I have Tyua sensors how I can put it in openhab? I have

and it seems recognized some of my devices… but this is all that I have here

so yes, I’m using docker and docker compose, I’m java dev myself. So answers can be quite technical. What I’m really missing how JSON from mqtt converted to something useful inside platform. Use case: Integrating IKEA Starkvind air purifier into openHAB this article was suggested for me… but if I have to manually put any single switch like that this yaml+json syntax it will be nighmare…should be more convenient way to do so? I always use lattest version openHAB, and concetrator firmware also upgraded to latest. Which is ITead_Sonoff_Zigbee_3.0_USB_Dongle_Plus

And items also empty

It feels like you are trying to do everything all at once. Take a step back and approach it more systematically.

  1. Have you reviewed the Concepts section of the docs? OH uses a lot of terms of art with specific technical meanings. If you don’t have a basic understanding of these, you’re gonna have a bad time. The key take aways are the layers of abstraction provided by Things and by Items.

  2. Have you reviewed the Getting Started tutorial? This is presented from the UI so there are lots of screen shots and such. This puts the concepts into context and shows how they work together. Note that the Advanced Things tutorial uses MQTT as the example.

These are the foundational docs and these contain the info that is assumed in the rest of the docs. OH really isn’t a platform you can jump in the middle and figure it out as you go without a ton of confusion and frustration.

Unless you are doing something very advanced and out of the norm, you shouldn’t be messing with raw JSON configs in the first place. If you insist on making your OH configs in separate text files instead of through the UI, you’d write your MQTT configs in a custom DSL in .things files. The overall structure and syntax for .things files is located in the Things docs under the Configuration section. The specific parameters and such are documented in the add-on docs.

But whether you are using .things files or through the UI, you wouldn’t be messing with JSON.

It depends. There are simple bindings which all but configure themselves and all the Things get automatically discovered. There are intermediate level bindings where you have to do some initial configuration but after that all the Things get discovered and created. And there are low level bindings where you pretty much have to configure everything by hand.

MQTT tends to be this last type. There are some MQTT standards that allow the binding to automatically discover and create Things but often you have to configure it all.

You always have to create Items.

The two sections of the docs I pointed above should guide you through the basics and show how to proceed but if you have questions please come back and ask.


The best chance to get help in this forum is to provide a short but precise problem description (instead of complaining).

So what I see if I zoom in your screenshot is that you are using zigbee2mqtt.
There is afaik no beginner-doc for that yet, but it’s not difficult.

I always recommend the following thread cause it contains the information you need and many examples. Important is to use the attribute option (can be configured in the UI under settings…, too).

Here the thread:

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