Openhab install on an iMac

Have spent several hours trying to load the latest version of Openhap onto my imac. Initially tried following the instructions on the engmusing page which allowed me to get something running on the terminal window, etc. However when i attempted to “see it” from a web browser it could not be found. I assume i need to change a config file to add access to my network or ? New to much of this so it is likely a very basic issue but have had no luck finding a tutorial that walks through the initial details in good detail Any suggestions?

did you try openHAB1 or openHAB2?

A tutorial for OH1 can be found here

Hope this helps, Thomas E.-E.

First time user, was loading hab2 thinking it was latest. Was able to download but not clear what changes i need to make for it to run properly. Could see it running on the terminal window but saw many errors referring to accessing internet/ports. Wondering where i make changes to allow it to access my network, etc.
Thanks for the reply.

so … did you succeed?

Yes thanks!