Openhab Installation - systeminfo/website call

in advance I would like to apologize for my bad english.

I want to reinstall my Openhab and have a question about installing Openhab.

I downloaded the image of GitHub, which i wrote with Etcher on my SD card. In the various tutorials i always see the start screen (SSH) with various system information such as the IP address, release, kernel, etc … I would be interested, why this information is not spent with me. Furthermore i noticed that i can´t open the page http://openhabianpi:8080 after installing Openhab, but the call works with the IP-address. I have not changed anything in the config, just started the image of GitHub.

What did i do wrong or what did i forget?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards

Could you try to use ip address instead of domain name for connect.
For more clarify your question send printscreen.